What is Kingdom Resurgence?

The word resurgence means,

1. A rising again into life, activity, or prominence.

  1. An increase or revival after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence.

As leaders that have been called and chosen by God to oversee His church and advance the kingdom of God; First, we have to be watchful, second, stand firm in the faith. Third, be strong in the Lord. Fourth, be Kingdom focused. And lastly, do everything in love.

Resurgence is about New Testament and kingdom minded leadership.

 1.Preaching for transformation and kingdom advancement

  1. Kingdom focused, and kingdom minded
  2. The gospel must be priority
  3. We must be caught up lead by the Spirit of God
  4. We must evaluate the effectiveness of our Leaders and their leadership gifts and abilities.
  5. Seek out mind renewed and transformed leaders in our churches
  6. Defining kingdom priority; by using Luke 4, Jesus’ model and Acts 2 and following as our biblical foundation. Jesus reinforces the things pertaining to the kingdom of God Acts 1:3.
  7. Pastors must understand what season they are in and what season their church is in.